You came into the world winning.  Did you know this?  But are you a winner?  Are you purposefully dwelling in that achievement each and every day?  Do you approach each new situation and circumstance under the perception that you’ve already won?  Well, if not, you should.  And if being a success or being a winner is unbelievable to you…then, well…you need a serious attitude adjustment.  But that’s ok, we have those on this website too.

Here we dwell in success…here, we all live on purpose because we were designed that way…on PURPOSE.  We’ve already gone to battle like the warriors of old and we came out not only victors, but unscathed!  We are living, breathing miracles.  Purposefully CHOSEN and SELECTED to THRIVE!   

This website is designed to be an experience.  To inspire you to live to your greatest potential, to support you through the difficult times when you forget how awesome you are, to remind you that you were CHOSEN to dominate in whatever you put your mind to.  So welcome to 200 Million…this is YOUR moment…don’t waste it.


                                                                         Tem Morgan

                                                                    Founder, 200 Million