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Tem Morgan
Jan 2, 2018

Path to Personal Discovery


Who are you? Or rather, who are you not? How will you know where to start on your path to personal discovery if you have no idea what is most important to you?


Here is your chance to ponder...well..YOU! This may not be a particularly easy exercise and you may need time to really and truly answer the questions. But, hopefully once you have your answers, you can begin finding your way out of the forest and onto the path that leads you to your best self.


Happy Travels!


1. What drives you? (Faith, Money, Fame, Success, Sex, etc.)


2. Who inspires you? (A religious leader, A fellow entrepreneur, Your family, etc.)


3. What do you want in life? (A job, A career, to be a martyr, To inspire others, etc.)


4. When do you want it all? (What timeframe have you set for yourself?) *try to be realistic*


Once you have your final answers...grab yourself a map (of a place that intrigues and inspires you) and tack your answers to it. Start with your drive, next stop your inspiration and end with your goal for your life. As you explore, map other areas of your life...And don't forget that timeframe, it goes at the top.


Here's mine. Don't be stingy, I want to see your too!