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And the $200 Million Dollar Winner is...

Ok, so the title was a ploy to get your attention. Disclaimer: I do not have, nor am I giving you or anyone else $200 Million dollars.

What I will give you, is some good news followed by some bad news. The good, correction, GREAT news is that if you continue reading this you not only receive $200 million dollars, if that’s your goal, but you can live the life that you always desired. And, living a life that you dreamed of is greater than ANY amount of money that you receive in any sweepstakes.

The title 200 MILLION actually refers to a mathematical probability…and a bit of science. If you are reading this then you are above grade school age and should have a fundamental understanding of the birds and the bees aka sexual intercourse. We all know how babies are made via a sperm fertilizing an egg, but most of are not aware of the incredible mathematical probability of what truly takes place for you to actually be born. On average in an ejaculate, there are 200 million sperm released that are all preprogrammed to fertilize the egg of the female.

This means that you LITERALLY beat out the other sperm competing with you to fertilize the egg. Let’s give this a bit of context: There are 32 NFL teams and 29 NBA teams; each year they compete for their respective League Championships. In the NFL, you have to be the best out of 32 teams.

If you believe that winning a Super Bowl is an incredible accomplishment based on the 1/32 chances of winning, you MUST believe that the chance of YOU fertilizing the egg despite having to compete with 199,999,999 other sperm is not only an incredible accomplishment but something that has been divinely ordered. The chance of this happening by chance or happenstance is nearly impossible based on the numbers.

I have provided you with this short science lesson to prove to you one thing: Regardless of what you have been told, experienced, imagined, lost, etc. you , <<enter full name>> not only were CHOSEN to be here but came into this world a WINNER!

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